Yes, continuing education is niche. But it’s our niche.

(Which makes us ‘niche niche.’ A description we’re more than okay with.)

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Marketing Strategy

Program Development

Overwhelmed by building and maintaining a diversified and healthy program strategy? That’s where we come in. We’ll help you tackle the hard questions around program development.

Marketing Strategy

Organizational Development & Process Optimization

Let us optimize your processes to make your organization run like a well-oiled machine.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

You won’t find any pre-built, “one-size-fits-all” solutions here. We take a tailored approach to lead generation by helping you develop marketing strategies that are as unique as your institution.

Marketing Strategy

Recruiting Strategy

Adult and professional students simply can’t be recruited like undergrads. We work with schools of all sizes to develop new strategies that maximize enrollment for both credit and non-credit programs.

  • We built these self-service engagements to be budget-friendly, modular and, oh yes, easily available for purchase with your institution’s purchasing card, right now. Don’t believe us? Go put one in your cart and see for yourself.

    Think of them as consulting “light” offerings, where we walk you through a pre-structured engagement to help you make the most of all areas of your organization. It’s a little of DIY mixed in with a little bit of guidance from us – all adding up to high-impact results. Click here to see all of our Self-Service offerings.

  • Every successful project starts with a vision, but it’s our process that makes sure they come to life in the best way possible. Our secret sauce at SpurCG is intention: asking basic questions that govern the choices we make when proposing your path forward.

    In these projects we’ll meet you where you are – at the very beginning – then start by validating your goals and laying out how to best confront your challenge. And we’ll always identify guideposts along the way so you’ll know you’re headed in the right direction. Take a look at the things you can accomplish with our Consultant Guided engagements.

  • Big ideas are great, and we’re full of them. But a big idea without a strategy and blueprint to match is a waste of everyone’s time. If you’re looking for a bit more long-term guidance, we can work together as your temporary team to help architect your success.

    Starting from the ground up, we’ll survey the existing landscape, frame the foundation then get on with building your new project together until the very last brick is in place. Best of all, we understand how difficult it is to bring in a group like us, so we have figured out options to make it easier. Find out more about our Retained Services offerings.

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Organizational development (a.k.a. “reorgs”) often get a bad rep.

The two Bobs from Office Space
George Clooney from Up In The Air
The arrogant consultant with the binder who comes in knowing the answers before he’s even asked one question

But org dev projects are some of my favorites to work on, despite the many misunderstandings about them.

They involve psychology, ethics and motivational philosophy. They force you to dive head first into formal and informal power structures, relational dynamics, your origin story and your vision toward the future. In short, they’re incredibly complex, which means the payoff at the end is big.

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