Why SpurCG?

The short answer

We want to do our part to shape the transformative experiences that education beyond degrees can bring to the world.

Meni Sarris, Ed.D., Founder Meni Sarris, Ed.D. Founder

The slightly longer answer

We were born in 2019, independent from the start. Meni Sarris, with the help of colleagues and friends, decided to hang his own shingle based on one crazy idea: the world of education needed a different kind of consulting firm. (Don’t worry, we’ve banned the word ‘synergy’ from our vocabularies.)

SpurCG is an educational consulting group comprising of results-obsessed education geeks who love to win, hate to disappoint, and care beyond measure. Our professional histories are quite varied, with dozens of years of experience in running programming, operations, instructional design, D&I, all the way up to dean- and director-level positions at some of the country’s leading education institutions. These collective experiences are at the heart of what defines us as a group: we understand the challenges our clients face because, at one time, we faced them, too.

For us, it’s not just a career, but a lifestyle; a lifestyle that unites us as passionate visionaries, collaborators, co-creators and leaders, working tirelessly to help our clients maximize educational opportunities. And as the world of education changes, so do we.

Today, we’re impassioned about confronting challenges. Driven by results. Maybe even a little bit restless. But we can’t wait for what’s next for education beyond degrees.

Our Promises to You. We are:


Honest to a fault? That would be us. We obsess over every action we take, each word we write, and each promise we make to our clients enough to want to share it with you.


You know that friend who (nicely) doesn’t mince words? We’ll tell you exactly what we think – clearly, directly and succinctly – and not shy away from the truth because we’re afraid of how it might be received.


We live for getting the right people around the table and making things happen, maximizing every ounce of talent from both our clients and ourselves. Simply put, we see you as an active participant in your success.


Not only are we outcome-driven, we’re downright outcome-obsessed. In our minds, if we haven’t achieved tangible, observable results, we haven’t achieved much of anything.