Consulting, with upfront prices

Consulting, with upfront prices

A few weeks ago SpurCG’s Meni Sarris told you about our Self-Service solutions. This innovative approach allows us to connect clients with solutions they need in a new way. But SpurCG’s innovation doesn’t end there. Self-Service is one part of a comprehensive set of solutions designed to offer something for any budget. To achieve the amazing price points offered in Self-Service, we had to make the engagements focused, and highly tactical and limit customization.

What if you need something more?

Our answer to this question: Consultant Guided solutions. Like Self-Service, Consultant Guided solutions encompass tasks we are regularly asked to do for clients. Like Self-Service, the pricing is upfront and on our website for you to view. What makes these engagements different is our approach.

The best way to describe this approach is illustrated in a type of service that has gone by the wayside. Not too long ago when you went to a gas station there were two signs:

Self-Service and Full-Service

Self-Service meant you were going to pump the gas yourself. Full-Service meant you could stay in your car while someone came and filled up your tank, washed the windows, checked the oil level, and checked the tire pressures. At a higher cost, of course. There was even a bell that would ring when a car pulled into the full-service area. is the same way. You can pull into our Self Service lane and get what you need and be on your way. Or you can pull into the Consultant Guided (our “Full-Service” zone) area and choose from the several options available (all with upfront pricing.) Once you’ve found the right one, you can request a proposal or a scope-of-work. We thought about having a “ding ding” sound play when these requests were submitted, but decided against it.

Consultant Guided solutions fill-out SpurCG’s offerings in other ways too. Our Self-Service solutions are designed to assess the present and recent past. Consultant Guided solutions start at the same point, assessment of the present and past, but go further. These solutions are designed to help organizations engage in change. This requires deeper involvement from our team.

What can you do with our Consultant Guided solutions?

Here a few of our Consultant Guided solutions.

Brand Expression Guidelines and Workshop

Brand Expression Workshop

Your brand is more than a logo or a slogan. It’s what people think, feel and know about your organization. Let’s make sure you’re sending the right message.

Program Development Roadmap

Need a few quick wins? Data-backed action plans? All of the above? Let us focus on your programs, competition, and potential customers to make recommendations for your future you can implement right away.

Is one of our Consultant Guided solutions right for you? Pull into our “Full Service” lane and find out.