March Madness is here!

March Madness is here!

March is just around the corner and that means March Madness is close to starting. Living in Chicago and not going to one of the big sport schools for college, I have always been a professional sports fan (Bears, Blackhawks, Bulls, and White Sox, in case you were curious).

March Madness was the only time of year I enjoyed watching college sports for hours at a time. I never had a team to root for, but since 7th grade, I have always been in an NCAA pool. At first, I watched to see how my pool was doing, but then, I began to love the single elimination style of the tournament and when underdogs would beat the “better” teams (otherwise known as upsets). What was even better, was when I had picked those upsets in my pool.

Nowadays, I find myself rooting for certain schools for different reasons. One is because I have a lot of friends who went to the school and love watching and rooting for their school. A second is a school I have worked with.

Last night, one of those schools had a huge win after some disappointing losses earlier in the season. I found myself actually watching the game on TV and rooting. I wanted to get my phone out and text some people that I work with at the school because I’m sure their rural-ish town is partying from the win.

I don’t have a strong connection the schools I went to, so this is a nice way to get in the spirit of March Madness. On any given day, you might see me sporting Virginia Tech colors or maybe University of Arizona. I just hope none of the schools I enjoy rooting for don’t meet in March because I have no idea who I would root for!

Meni Sarris, Ed.D.

Meni Sarris, Ed.D. is co-founder of SpurCG.