Our Promise: Transparency

Our Promise: Transparency

“I wish consulting firms would be more transparent about, well, everything!”

We thought about this a lot as we were forming SpurCG. What would it look like if we built a firm that was oriented around transparency?
We thought of a lot of different ways we could be transparent. We also talked to past clients and colleagues about their thoughts on transparency. After much thought (and a few arguments) we came up with some key ways that we can deliver transparency to our clients.


Yes, I made that word up – it’s the idea that prior to starting work we will first agree on the tangible outcomes we want to achieve. We will keep working with you until we reach those goals.

Clear pricing

This one was tough. The way most higher education institutions we want to serve work make it even tougher. Why? It’s very hard to predict the effort that will be needed to begin working with a client. In the spirt of transparency, whether the sales cycle is long or short, we have to recover those costs.
Our solution? We designed a broad set of offerings that we believe cover the most common needs our potential customers would have. We’ve clearly defined the outcomes, activities, and deliverables. And you will see these items (along with a price) on our website when it launches in March. You will be able to purchase some of them with a credit card.

When one size won’t fit all

What if you need a piece of one of our offerings, three of the other, or something completely customized? We thought about that too. We will be glad to offer a proposal with a proposed guaranteed maximum price – meaning we’ll keep working until we get to your goal. Or, you can have the ultimate flexibility and hire us on retainer with a fee based on the amount of utilization you feel best suits your need.

We are proud to offer a variety of solutions with upfront prices. Head-over to our solutions shop to check them out.