Our secret (and most effective) ingredient is…you

Our secret (and most effective) ingredient is…you

I don’t like to focus on the negative in the world. As we say at SpurCG, “forward always.” However, allow me to digress. Doing so will help me better tell you about how SpurCG approaches every project with collaboration at the forefront.

It has always bugged me how so many consultants present themselves as a person who knows everything or are the best at what they are working on or talking about. I get it, the sales part of a job often requires a consultant to come across as the smartest person in the room. The answer to, “Can you do this?” is always a resounding, “Of course!” And, to not be too hard on my bothers and sisters in the consulting profession, good consultants aren’t people who know everything. They are people who are experts at figuring stuff out. A lot of consultants do a bad job of talking about their value in those terms.

When Guy and I decided to create SpurCG as a transparent, forthright, and outcome-driven company we realized we couldn’t keep these promises on our own. We decided, because we endeavor to be forthright with our clients, to let everyone know (from the start) that working with us, means…Working. With. Us. You’re a part of the team. You have to be for our model to work for you. This goes beyond responding to emails and providing information. Our promise of collaboration means we aren’t the firm to hire if you want to turn over a problem to someone else and let them deal with it. We are the firm to hire if you want to bring change to your organization and pick-up some new skills along the way.

How do we do it?

When you meet us for the first (or 50th time), the one thing that you may or may not notice is how inquisitive we are. We ask questions because the answer isn’t the only important part. You, as our client, are the important part. So we intentionally practice a simple, yet effective, technique of asking questions and not telling you things, unless you ask us to or we ask you first. This gets even the most hesitant client to begin working with us. You actively working with us allows us to get the most information to help you reach the outcomes we agreed to help you reach.

Guy and I believe in our process and our model (oh yes, that is a teaser for a future blog post). Collaboration is a big part of how we work and a promise we keep with all of our clients. You should always expect it from us and, we hope, we can expect it from you.