SpurCG offers consulting you can purchase from our website

SpurCG offers consulting you can purchase from our website

SpurCG offers affordable consulting you can buy right off our website!

Consulting engagements starting at $895

I get excited every time I type that sentence. When Guy and I first started talking about forming a company, we shared a strong desire to find a way to offer our services to everyone, regardless of operating budget, purchasing rules, or purchasing authority. You see, Guy and I both come from extensive higher ed. backgrounds and we believe in the mission of higher education.
With that in mind we have developed three types of engagements that we believe can fit every need you have:

  • Self-Service – priced from $895 to $4,000 and available for purchase on our website
  • Consultant Guided – priced from $5,000 to $30,000 with the option to request a proposal or scope of work via our website
  • Retained Services – customized engagements (more on this later)

Let me tell you about the disruptive approach we’ve taken with our Self-Service line of engagements.

In creating our Self-Service line we took fundamental exercises that we would do as part of any larger engagement and created stand-alone offerings that are priced below any purchasing department’s price threshold. You can even quickly buy one or more by putting the purchase on a credit card through the shopping cart we’re building into our site. With Self-Service, you will find clearly described products with defined outcomes and transparent pricing. Here is just a sample of the offerings:

Data Set Tool

Data-Set Tool

Treasure troves of data are now yours for the taking, as long as you know where to look. Instead of trying to find a needle in a haystack, let us help you organize – and capitalize on – a haystack full of needles.

Website User Testing

Website User Testing

Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes … and tap out a few clicks on someone else’s mouse. When it comes to your website, you can’t truly know a user unless you understand their perspective.

Current Program Assessment

Current Program Assessment

Where are you succeeding? Where are you not? Get your program performance assessed and categorized so you can figure out your next move.

Our goal was to make every engagement easy to understand from the title and description. Each one is designed to offer valuable insights you can use to make decisions that will lead to quick wins. To help you get those wins every engagement includes a one-hour virtual consultation where we review the results of the work with you.

In the coming weeks, you will learn about our other two product lines: Consultant-Guided and Retained Services. We wanted to share Self-Service with you first. We hope you find it to be innovative and we look forward to bringing you and many others value through this line of offerings.

Check out all of our thoughtfully designed Self-Service offerings and get started right from the website.