360° Organizational Review

You’ve got the talent (or, maybe not). Now let’s find out how to use it to help you reach your strategic goals.
360° Organizational Review

The Optimization

Enhance the performance of the overall group by focusing on each individual within it.

The Process

Make your internal processes run like a well-oiled machine – and one you don’t even have to think about.

The Team

We can show you why you’re actually not understaffed, and help you make the most of the team you’ve got.
  • We’re all focused on achieving your best outcomes in programming, but sometimes the right place to start is with your people.

    In this engagement, we’ll spend time evaluating your current organizational structure to make sure it’s set up to support your strategic goals. Do you have the right positions in place? Are there any gaps? How can we use your staff to best streamline your processes?

    In this engagement, we’ll explore how your organizational structure stacks up against the industry standards we’ve observed from our decades as deans and directors in Continuing Education. If you’re not there yet, we’ll develop an action-oriented plan to help you achieve your best outcomes with the team you’ve got (or the team you need).

  • This project is based on research and analysis, targeted to your unique organizational structure. Travel is included – we’ll plan to spend about 2.5 days on your campus for on-site interviews and our staff workshop. Any travel outside of this timeframe will incur an additional fee.

    At the onset of the project, we’ll need you to fill out a brief instruction sheet and questionnaire with information that’s necessary for us to conduct research and analysis. At that point, we’ll schedule a meeting (remote or in-person) with your leadership team. Once we’ve gathered all the necessary institutional information, we will conduct on-site, 1-on-1 interviews with the necessary staff to create assessments and recommendations. While on site, we’ll lead a workshop with your team to explore and evaluate processes and to see how the group works together, prior to reviewing the entire organization’s processes.

  • After undergoing our proven research and analysis, we’ll provide you with a report that includes:

    • A comprehensive assessment of your organizational structure, including strengths, weaknesses and opportunities
    • Strategic direction and recommendations on your organizational structure, with processes you can implement quickly

    We’ll also schedule a one-hour virtual meeting to walk through our findings and answer any questions you may have.