Competitor Canvas

Step one: Understand your competition. Step two: Make a plan to surpass them. We can help you get started.
Competitor Canvas

The Gaps

Figure out where needs exist in the marketplace and how you can fulfill them.

The Pricing

Understand your competition’s pricing for a better glimpse into your prospective market.

The Viability

Learn when it makes sense to compete and when it doesn’t.
  • You may have an idea for the perfect program for the perfect audience at the perfect time – but how will you differentiate yourself from another institution that’s offering it?

    Knowing what is happening in your market is critical for success, and a large part of that includes knowing your competition. We’ve helped dozens of institutions interpret these unique competitive factors as they plan and prepare to launch or refine a class or program.

    In this engagement, we can conduct research for any market. As the population gets larger, our search area becomes more targeted:

    • In populations of more than 1,250,000 people, our search radius extends 15 miles from the campus address.
    • In populations between 650,000-1,250,000 people, we stretch the search radius to 20 miles from the campus address.
    • In populations between 300,000-650,000 people, we stretch the search radius to 30 miles from campus.
    • In populations of less than 300,000 people, we stretch the search radius to 40 miles from campus.
  • This project is based on research and analysis, targeted to your unique competitive landscape. This research and the resulting analysis is conducted remotely, so no travel is required.

    At the onset of the project, we’ll need you to fill out a brief instruction sheet with information that’s necessary for us to conduct the research and do the analysis. But after that, we’ll be off and running, and no further action will be needed from you.

  • After undergoing our proven research and analysis, we’ll provide you with a report that includes information on your competitive landscape, such as:

    • Names and locations of institutions
    • Program offerings and curricula
    • Pricing factors
    • Future competitors that may not exist yet
    • …and more.

    We’ll also schedule a one-hour phone conversation to walk through our findings and answer any questions you may have.