Retained Services

Big ideas are great, and we’re full of them. But a big idea without a dedicated team to see it through can quickly become a squandered opportunity. If you’re looking for a bit more long-term guidance, we can work together as your temporary team to help architect your success.

Starting from the ground up, we’ll survey the existing landscape, frame the foundation then work together to custom-build your new project until the very last brick is in place. Best of all, we are familiar with the obstacles you may encounter along the way, so we’ve offered options to make the whole process easier.

Staff in Place

Sometimes purchasing departments can, er, slow things down a bit, to put it mildly. But with this option, you hire us as part-time temporary employees for a quick and seamless on-boarding process. And then we’ll be all set up to help you with a customized mix of longer-term projects that are right for your institution.

Monthly or Annual Retainer

We often get asked to lend out our brain space for specific projects, still-bubbling-up ideas or even just quick validation. If you need a month-to-month agreement with a certain number of hours per month, that’s no problem. But if you’d like to book our time for a fixed amount every month, we offer price breaks for recurring relationships.

Guaranteed Max Pricing

Have a specific outcome in mind that you don’t see as part of our existing engagements? Tell us all about it, and we’ll quote you a price that includes everything needed to turn your end goal into reality, without hidden costs. Price is Right rules apply here – no going over the number named.